I’m not Dave’s typical athlete. I’m not geographically located as close to him as many of his athletes. I’m not able to attend many of the incredible training events he puts on. As a dedicated husband and father of three active boys, finding time to train for triathlons is a challenge in itself. Dave understand the constraints I’m under and works around them. He sets up personal plans for me that allow me get my workouts in when it works for me and my family. He checks up on me during the week to see how things are going and adjusts as necessary. His personal interest in my success is incredible. When I signed up for Beach 2 Battleship (140.6) in 2013, Dave established a plan that not only helped me finish, but helped me exceed my goal finish time. He prepared me both physically and mentally for the challenge. Working with Dave since 2013, I’ve set PRs I never thought I’d reach and I look forward to what he has in store this year.

- Rob

When I first started with Dave I was honestly very nervous and a little scared. I was, after all, putting my athletic career in his hands. Adapting to a new coach and a different method of training can be tough but Dave made the transition effortless. I love the fact that I am always able to contact him when I have questions about training or talk to him when I’m in need of motivation. I have had a few other triathlon coaches before Dave but none of them have dedicated themselves to me as much as he has. He acknowledges and understands the individual needs of each of his athletes. The most incredible thing that Dave has done for me is inspire me to chase goals that I didn’t ever think possible for myself. The one-on-one sessions have really helped me make some great improvements in short amount of time. Most of this has come from improving my technique which is only made possible by Dave’s extensive knowledge of the sport. I couldn’t be more thankful to have found coach Dave and I am really looking forward to the wonderful journey we have embarked on.

- Helen

As a seasoned “participant” in triathlon, I had reached a point where I wanted to do more. I wanted to become more confident in my ability and more competitive in the sport. Dave was recommended, by an athlete I admire, and after the first meeting, we decided to give it a go.
I was VERY intimidated by Dave, the work, the focus, the intensity-I felt like a newby all over again. But, that quickly changed! Dave treated me, from day 1, like an ATHLETE, not a participant. His confidence in my ability and his ability to get me where I wanted to go, was infectious. He takes the time to talk me off the cliff when I get crazy in my head and explain the processes. I am my own worst critic and having a coach who knows how to keep me focused and centered has paid off exponentially. His training techniques and strategies make it possible to do the work. He is realistic about life stressors and works diligently to help accommodate anything that could interfere with training. As a result of being with Dave this season, I have podiumed every race but one (and that was a PR😊). I would not have achieved these results if I hadn’t had such a completely focused, smart, deliberate, caring, enthusiastic coach. Thank you Dave! I feel like I actually can play to win😉!

- Amy H. - Nov. 17'

As a do it myself person, I don’t like to get wrapped up in drama or competition unless it is my own. When I met Coach Dave, I was skeptical about trusting someone else to help me with my personal goals and didn’t know if a coach would be the right fit. My worries quickly disappeared. After working with him on the road to my first Ironman, I found that he was very responsive to my individual training needs and mindset. He has an inherent ability to understand the unique training styles of his athletes. I had an extremely successful first Ironman and know that I couldn’t have done it without Coach Dave. His plan placed both my body and mind exactly where they needed to be on race day. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day with a smile on my face (while also smashing my race goals). With his continued guidance, I look forward to training smarter, becoming a better athlete, and setting (smashing) new goals.

- Jacque

Why go it alone?
Sure, I can train independently. I am content in the solitude of those long swims, bikes and runs. But through working with Rogue Coaching Solutions, I humbly and happily surrender my autonomy. In doing so, I’m getting to see what I really can do to be both a better me and a better triathlete. Why and how? Coach Dave keenly understands how to bring out the best in his athletes regardless of their athletic experience or predispositions. He brings everything to his coaching without overwhelming. And this enthusiasm, commitment and consistency inspires me to work harder. Rogue will artfully inspire you to put your best effort forward, trust your individualized training plan and realize the improvements important to you.


Crossing the finish line at Ironman Maryland in October 2015 was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. All the swim laps, bike rides, long runs and bricks paid off--all the miles that were masterfully planned by Coach Dave. I was able to execute well above the expectations and goals that I had set earlier in 2015 because of the training program, the encouragement and the expertise that Coach Dave provided me over the year. The journey with Coach Dave was the best part...the execution on race day was icing on the cupcake! He believed in me from the first week that we began working together, and in the end, I finally believed in myself for the first time in years. I am stronger today than I have ever been--both mentally and physically because of the lessons that Coach Dave taught me.

- Cupcake

We first met when he coached a Performance cycle 12 week winter series for off season cycle fitness. I only had the goal of getting into spring cycle shape. Being from mountain biking and novice road biking, I did not have an endurance background but I had the desire to work hard and learn. Somewhere along the way, I caught the triathlon bug. I did some short Tris but then I decided to get serious. I knew that
I needed to find a coach with a strong depth of knowledge and a proven track record of helping others achieve goals, I found that in Dave Connor.
The first thing that I realized about Dave is that my goals and my plan are just that, MINE! He took time to understand my priorities in life and built customized plans that have allowed me to balance those priorities with my desire to get better. As I became stronger and more experienced, Dave has continued to evaluate my progress, assess my strengths and weaknesses, then call upon his experiences to make calculated changes as necessary.

The result? Progressive improvement in my endurance and performance. Each year that
I work with Dave we are able to set new PR’s at many distances and disciplines.

I highly recommend Dave for those who have a goal in endurance racing and a desire
to learn from someone who has not only achieved elite level of performance but has
guided others in doing the same.


Augusta 70.3
Thanks to my coach, Dave Connor - I couldn't have done this without you. Without your guidance, knowledge & patience, I would probably still be standing on the side of the pool wishing I could swim. I am grateful to you for pushing me & helping me become a better
version of myself - strong, brave & confident and willing to step out of my comfort zone. Your belief in me makes me believe in myself. I am so proud of myself & can't wait to see what is going to happen next. I have plenty of room to improve, but yesterday was a huge step forward for me.

- Sherpa

When I signed up for Augusta 70.3 I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew I was starting to like tri, but working with Dave made me love it and it soon became a huge part of my world. From the get-go, I knew I didn't want to work with a coach that only sent me training plans online from a hundred miles away, like so many tri coaches these days. Instead, Dave worked with me in person on a regular basis, and he critiqued, fixed, and honed my swim, bike, and run with diligence and enthusiasm.
I have always been an athlete, but when I started working with Dave, I started eating cleaner, pushing myself farther, and loving myself more. I podiumed twice that summer and finished Augusta in 5:38:09, 22 minutes faster than the goal we planned together. He planned my training meticulously and invested time, energy, and effort into me as an athlete, and in being coached by him, I learned how to step back and trust someone smarter than I to plan a route for my success. Working with Dave was literally the greatest thing I could have possibly done for myself last season, and I hope to work with him for a long time to come.

- Kathryn

Being a coach is something that is ingrained in the being and psyche of Coach Dave. He just gets it--gets how to be an effective coach and gets the sport of triathlon. He understands the ups and downs of training because he has been through it all. The passion, mental stamina, scientific knowledge and dedication/hard work that Coach Dave has as an athlete shines through as a coach. When he puts something in your training plan, there is a reason and a method behind it. Coach Dave understands how to build up an athlete so that he or she can execute everything from an athlete's first marathon, century or any distance triathlon (sprint to full Ironman distance) to a more experienced athlete's third Ironman. Coach Dave is a perfect choice for beginners looking to enter the sport of triathlon and for those more experienced in the sport who are looking to reach new levels and achieve their lifelong racing goals.